Bricks Condition: Check Repeater

Check if ACF repeater has rows and content. Used for bricks display conditions.


After putting the below code into your function.php or a snippet manager we can use it within the bricks condition builder by selecting the dynamic data condition and using


== true

You will notice the dynamic tag has two arguments our repeater field first and then a field within the repeater we want to check has content. You will have to switch those out with your own field names. We can use this to show content based on if a repeater has content or not.

function repeater_has_content($repeater_field, $subfield) {
    // Check if the repeater field has any rows
    if (have_rows($repeater_field)) {
        // Loop through the rows
        while (have_rows($repeater_field)) {
            // Set the current row as active

            // Get the value of the sub-field
            $subfield_value = get_sub_field($subfield);

            // Check if the sub-field has content
            if (!empty($subfield_value)) {
                // If it has content, return true
                return true;
    // If no rows found or no sub-field has content, return false
    return false;