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Bricks Mega Menu Template


Save hours implementing a mega menu in bricks with a copy and paste template. This template takes you 90% to complete while featuring a 'write your own story' style logic in 100% CSS, responsive layout, and accessible dropdowns.

You’ll Receive:

  • JSON file to paste premade header into bricks builder
  • SCSS file with Automatic CSS variables out of the box
  • SCSS file for those that don't use Automatic CSS
  • 3 mega menu dropdown templates (ACSS) to get you started
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Before You Buy:

  1. Because of the nature of the bricks mega menu, this does require a code snippet editor that allows for SCSS such as WPCodeBox or Script Organizer.
  2. The styling is completely written in SCSS but gives you logical statements to keep the build time down.
  3. This is a template. It will not work for every use case.
  4. This website is currently using the template.


  • Automagically Responsive

    A better mobile mega menu is here and all with the use of the native bricks nav nestable element. Create a fantastic menu experience on desktop and mobile.

  • Dropdown Templates

    Done for you dropdowns that are ready to import at any time. Simply copy and paste into bricks and you’re ready to go.

  • Logical Statements

    Turn premade styling on and off. Want to make the last nav item a button? You got it! Want to push that button to the bottom on mobile menu? I got you. Want the mobile menu to slide in from the right? Just type “Right”.

  • Multi-Level Dropdowns

    Have a ton of link options your client wants in their navigation 🙄 No worries just nest the hell out of ’em and watch them be impressed. Oh and did I mention mobile responsive?


Real world testimonials from those that have used the component.

  • "Installed it today on a new site I’m working on. I love it when things JUST WORK 😍 literally had the menu up and running in less than 5 min!!!"

  • "I've been using the first version of this template and honestly, this could be 10x the price and still be a bargain."

  • "Nick Arce's Responsive Mega Menu Template is an absolute game-changer for Bricks users. Intuitive customization options it provides are second to none. For a modest price, the value and quality it brings to web navigation are truly unparalleled. A stellar 5-star from me!"

  • "Nick's responsive mega menu template is a customizable solution that provides a smooth and responsive user experience, and saves a ton of time. For Bricks users wanting to upgrade their navigation, this template is an excellent option."

  • "Nicholas’ Template could not have come at a better time for me. I had two projects needing a mega menu, clients looking for a good mobile experience, I knew the stock Bricks Mega Menu wasn’t going to cut it, and I didn’t have the time to develop one myself. The price is insanely good value, easy to implement and customize, and it has the wow factor to impress clients."

  • "We were having issues on GSC with our old Bricks Mega Menu on mobile. Nick's mega made all the errors disappear and was a solid UX improvement on what we had previously. Easy to implement. Top marks for the mobile-friendly design!"

  • "Nick's mega menu template is essential for Brick users. It's fully responsive, offering unmatched customization. Setup on my client's site was effortless, enhancing UX and saving time. Exceptional in both features and style. A solid 5-star choice!"

  • "I've extensively tested Nick's mega menu and let me tell you, its super easy to implement & style. But what stands out is its mobile-friendly design ensuring top user experience. Hat's off to Nick for addressing the usability of mega menus."

  • "Nicholas Arce's mega menu template is not just stylish but also robust and intuitive. Loved the customization options - tailored it easily to my needs, saving loads of time. It truly surpassed my hopes. For anyone revamping their site, it's a top pick. Highly recommended!"

Got Questions?

  • You will need a way to implement it as the CSS you get in the download is written in SCSS. It’s highly recommended that you have an understanding of it because you will be reading and making changes to it.

  • No extra Javascript is used and any Javascript is coming solely from the default bricks nav nestable element. Every customization is CSS based.

  • That’s totally fine. You have 14 days to request a refund if it doesn’t work as expected or doesn’t suit your needs.

  • Absolutely, it’s yours to keep and use for your commercial projects as well as personal.

  • You betcha. The documentation teaches you how to import and how to style the template to your liking.

  • You can use it on as many websites as you would like. Most purchases make this apart of their boilerplate website for all projects. One time purchase!