SCSS In WordPress Ep 4: Partials

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Alright, folks, it’s time for the grand finale of our SCSS journey! In this episode, we’re diving into the world of ‘Partials’ in SCSS. Now, you might be wondering, ‘What on earth are Partials?’ Well, imagine being able to break down your CSS into bite-sized chunks, each in its own file. Sounds neat, right?

Partials are like the ultimate organizers for your SCSS. They let you create modular CSS, making your stylesheets more maintainable and your workflow smoother. It’s like having a super tidy toolbox where every tool has its own special place.

I’ll show you how to use Partials to keep your styles neat and tidy, and make your life a whole lot easier. So, get ready to step up your SCSS game and become a master of organization with Partials!